Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Small businesses cannot survive on announcements

I run a small model shop here in Blyth. We benefit from the small business exemption, and so after the exemption is applied pay no business rates.

As the corona virus started to get a hold, we noticed that we were getting fewer customers, and with this week's announcement we have closed the shop to the public.

The budget announcement of grants to businesses such as ourselves was welcome, and with the thought of financial help we accepted the inevitable. This was further reinforced by the chancellors subsequent announcements.

We will continue to provide a very limited on-line business, but we are a small, local, business, and we are now in real danger of going under. The grant will make the difference between closure and survival.

However, we have had no news, no correspondence from government or Northumberland County Council.

I appreciate that we are one small business in the county, country and international scheme of things, but we cannot survive on announcements.

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