Thursday, 14 September 2017

Proposed changes to Blyth Parish boundary

Northumberland County Council is consulting on some minor changes to the boundary between Blyth and Seaton Valley parishes.

The need arose because the boundary follows historic lines ( field boundaries ?) and new housing straddles the boundary.

Blyth Town Council proposed that the boundary follows a more modern line, namely the road .

The proposal / consultation is here:-

To simplify things, the map showing the minor amendments is below

I have to say that I fully support the proposal. These minor changes could prevent future difficulties if houses are built on the area B - electoral, precept, planning  etc . 

However, there are complaints in social media that Blyth is "giving away " a huge chunk of land ... and that the changes won't make any difference. So, if you agree with me let NCC know.

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