Sunday, 7 May 2017

Local elections 2017

Well, the dust is beginning to settle, and I'm looking at a few free evenings over the next 4 years !!

I knew I had no chance in the Northumberland County Council elections in Cowpen Ward, and so it was no real surprise that I came a distant 4th there. It is important to stand in the "no chance wards" as every one should have the opportunity to have Lib Dem candidates on the ballot

I was defending my seat on Blyth Town Council in South Blyth ward, but came third, three votes behind second place.

The overall political balance of the council remains the same:-

Labour 12 ( plus 1 but down 1 )

Liberal Democrat 3 ( plus 1 but down 1 )

Other ( UKIP down 1 , Conservative up 1 )

The council has lost some familiar faces - ( and a couple of not so familiar ones as they rarely attended meetings, barely enough to remain councillors! ) and I will miss the work , the chance to help constituents, and to be a part of community governance. .

My personal thanks and congratulations to Councillors Lesley Rickerby, Jeff Reid,  and Sandra Stanger , who took the second seat in Plessey ward from Labour. I'm sure they will fly the flag for Liberal Democracy in Blyth.

I will miss being a councillor. With the exception of the few months between the abolition of Blyth Valley Borough Council and the elections to Blyth Town Council I was a councillor for over 22 years. It was an honour to serve the people of Blyth, and the wards of South Beach, South Blyth and Plessey over those years.

As I approach my 60th birthday ( aargh  I'm getting old ! ) I will have to consider if I am to try to retake the seat in four years. But for now, rest and concentrate on building up the new venture ... more of which in another post .

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