Sunday, 23 October 2016

Phone boxes

BT are proposing to remove many public call boxes across Blyth ( and elsewhere in the county / country ) including the one on Fulmar Drive

Obviously it is a cost saving exercise, but I really find it hard to argue retention if the boxes are not being used.

My colleague, Jeff Reid, is attempting to get usage figures for the boxes, but he has been told that at least one in his ward / division has not been used in over a year.

At the meeting of the town council planning and development committee last week, we all agreed that boxes that are used, even a couple of times per week, should be retained.

However with most houses ( 95% plus last time I received figures) in my ward having land lines, and with the high number of mobile phones out there, it is hard to argue in favour of the phone boxes if they aren't being used

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