Friday, 23 September 2016

"Blue Plaques" for Blyth

At my suggestion Blyth Town Council have agreed to fund commemorative plaques ( often called Blue Plaques, but they don't have to be blue) in Blyth.

There will be a consultation on where these plaques should be placed, either to commemorate a famous building or resident. The consultation will be formally announced soon, in the likes of the News Post Leader or NE24 magazine, but as people outside Blyth may not receive either publication, nominations may be made direct to BTC.

Letters should be addressed to Blyth Town Council, Arms Evertyne House, Quay Road , Blyth, NE24 2AS, or EMail

Obviously we cannot guarantee that every nomination will be accepted, but I would hope that every nomination will be considered.

Cllr Alisdair Gibbs-Barton

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