Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Tall Ships Regatta 2016

This weekend saw one of the largest events in Blyth's history

The Tall Ships Regatta was here over the weekend, with (about ) 30 ships, all sailing vessels from all over the world.

The crews were excellent, and we owe a huge thank you to them, the organisers and workers, the volunteers, bands who entertained the crowds, the exhibitors - from Blyth Spartans FC to RNLI and many more , but mostly the hundreds of thousands of people who came to support the event.

Thank you one and all !

I had a couple of grumbles passed to me, but in the scheme of things they weren't that serious. I rained heavily on Saturday night, so on Sunday the south park & ride car parking ( on grass) had to be closed. Tickets for the south park and ride were valid for the north ( hard standing) and so there shouldn't have been major inconvenience to most people

Secondly, public drunkenness. I don't know if arrests were made, but the reports of rowdy youths drinking all day were not unusual for an event this size. The bar "on site" were refusing to serve people who had too many, but one or two less responsible public houses didn't have the same worries.

Despite these grumbles ( from people who would moan about anything and everything) the event went extremely well and knowing a little of what went on in the background it was very well organised. It'll never be repeated, but will remain a memory for many people.

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