Thursday, 7 July 2016

Genealogy and Brexit !

It isn't very often that two such widely different topics as family history and Brexit can be connected in one of my posts.

I knew that one of my ancestors ( on my maternal grandfather's side) had married someone of Italian extraction in the early part of the 19th century. I was researching the  Brazzoni family and discovered ( well, found out ) that a Brazzoni invented the speaking doll, about 30 years before Thomas Edison took credit for it. ( Please Google "Brazzoni speaking doll" for more information)

Anyway, I emailed someone listed on a site dedicated to the Brazzoni doll, who gad the surname Brazzoni. It came about that she and I are related through that member of my family, and she is a direct descendant of Anthony ( Antonio ) Brazzoni the inventor.

We EMailed back and forth about family ( families?) and she got around to talking about her life.

She uses her maiden name ( went back to it after a divorce) but after the referendum she was told to "f**k off where she came from".

It's shocking when said to a recent immigrant, but she is 7th generation in the UK, her family fought for Britain in two world wars and she has ONE non-UK ancestor. It brought to mind 1930's Germany when people had to prove their ancestry!

Appalling attitude from someone who knows nothing of her and her family, but saw the name and the racist views came to the fore.

And to think that this person gets a vote. Freedom of speech is a limited right, but for goodness sake use it responsibly !!

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