Thursday, 7 July 2016

18% of the annual budget spent in half an hour.

It was Blyth Town Council's Community Grants Committee meeting on Tuesday evening, and the whole of the Community Grants budget was allocated!

There were grants of £25,000 each to three Community Centres ( Briardale, Isabella and the Buffalo) . The way that the council defines "Community Centre" means that the South Beach Community Centre is excluded from this grant allocation.

Then the £109,000 budget for Community Support was allocated to various applicants. I cannot deny that money is scarce these days, but the grants were mainly to the usual suspects, organisations that get grants every years to support their aims.

There were some small grants to small local organisations, most of whom got most of what they asked for, but there is nothing in the "pot" for any other projects that may request funding later in the year.

Luckily the Councillors' Small Schemes money remains, and I have been in talks with one organisation, whose aims I fully support about allocating some of my scheme money, but if there are any group in the South Beach / South Blyth area who need a small amount of funding I'd be happy to listen.

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