Saturday, 30 April 2016

Free Wifi in Blyth

The initial  free wifi trial in the centre of Blyth has been an apparent success, and now the County Council are hoping to extend the coverage.

I'm not sure of the technicalities, but the system needs to "daisy chain" from one hot spot to another, and so with this year's Tall Ships event the next stage will involve going along Bridge Street to Dun Cow Quay, and hopefully along Wensleydale Terrace to the South Beach car park ( aka The Mermaid Café Car Park ) and even beyond!

It is hoped that a further area in Kitty Brewster and Cowpen, using the High School as a starting point, will follow.

I have already suggested that coverage along Regent Street, past Morrisons towards Wimbourne Quay should be added to the schedule, but if you can think of any other parts of Blyth that can be "daisy chained" then contact me and I'll pass them on.

One small point. The system is kept deliberately restricted so that it doesn't have the speed to download movies etc, but has enough for EMails, basic Internet access etc. There are legal problems with full high speed access being "state funded"

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