Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Tour of Britain, Stage 4 finishing at Blyth

Final details of the Stage 4 of the tour of Britain next week ( Wednesday 9th September ) are available

The route enters Blyth along the road from Seaton Sluice, goes along Rotary Way, Broadway and Renwick Road and then down Waterloo Rd with the finish at the Market Place

Because of this, there will be road closures along the route. Along the route the roads will be closed from 1 pm until 4 pm ( with a little "wriggle room" possible if the race timing is very fast, or very slow )

There will also be parking restrictions along the route

Waterloo Road will be closed all day

The Keel Row car park will be closed all day 

I understand that this might inconvenience a few people on the day, but this is a great opportunity for Blyth, and gives the town better publicity than we used to get some years ago. 

It is only one day,so  live with the minor inconvenience and enjoy the spectacle and excitement of this national event. 

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