Wednesday, 5 August 2015

X13 bus route changes

The bus company Arriva has announced changed to the X13 bus route in Blyth .

From Sunday 6th September the bus will no longer serve Sandringham Drive, and the time "saved" will be used to take the bus along Broadway, Renwick Road and Waterloo Road.

There was a public consultation on this, and Arriva say that there was overwhelming support for the change. But I argue that the consultation was flawed, the two choices were not dependent but separate.

I could have supported returning the route along Broadway and Waterloo Road , but not at the expense of the many bus users from the roads off Sandringham Drive.

Many people will be cut off from any buses at all, as it is "a fair hike " to the new route on South Newsham Road, let alone the need for a new stop , layby and shelter.

The elderly and disabled will have difficukty getting to the bus. There will be more reliance on cars with the effects that has on the junction with South Newsham Road

I will not dwell on the fact that Northumberland County Council and Blyth Town Council have invested in bus shelters on Sandringham Drive.

I have again written to Arriva asking them to change their decision, but as yet, no reply.

The fight goes on !!

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