Friday, 30 January 2015

Buildings of Historic interest

Blyth Town Council is examining the list of buildings of historic or architectural interest in Blyth.

These are not the listed buildings in Blyth, but those buildings that have features, or a history ,  that need to be retained and protected if ever there is a need.

I will be suggesting a couple of additions, and the council will be consulting on the results in due course, but if there are any buildings that you think should be included in the list please let me know, either by email or by comment against this post..( before 15th February please )

It was pointed out that the criteria include "designed by an architect of national imprtance". I was reminded that Blyth Swimming Baths ( now part of the Sports Centre ) were designed by John Poulson.

The committee declined to agree to my ( very tongue in cheek ) suggestion that the building should be included as it meets that criterion. I wonder why...

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