Friday, 21 March 2014

Library work finished, Electric Vehicle Charging points

At long last the work to refurbish the area outside the Library is complete. It is very "bright" at present, hopefully it will weather down.

And also hopefully the money will be found to give the building itself a bit of a spruce up.

The postcard shows the building when it was the Mechanics Institute. The building is instantly recognisable. I know that stepped access is not really appropriate these days,  but I can't help think that a design something similar to the original would looked better.

Isn't hindsight wonderful?

But one bit of progress that I do approve of is the installation of two electric vehicle charging points in the Keel Row car park. I'm told that they should be finished "soon"

I posted about the need for EVCPs in the town centre previously, at last my hopes have come to fruition.

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