Friday, 17 January 2014

The position of Mayor of Blyth is now vacant !

It has been a busy and eventful week at Blyth Town Council

There has been an ongoing complaint about the conduct of Councillor Bob Parker since his first term of office, and although I knew a lot of the background and the facts behind the complaint I was not able to comment publicly

The Standards Committee of Northumberland County Council heard the case late last year, and you can read the papers here:- ( Click on the recent decision notices link )

On Tuesday a Special Council at Blyth Town Council was held to discuss the recommendations.

Until the minutes are published I will not go into who said what, who did what etc, except to say the Councillor Parker was removed from the office of Mayor, removed from any committees, sub-committees and working groups he sits (sat) on for the remainder of his term of office, removed from any position he sits on as a representative of BTC, and that all councillors undergo training.

On Thursday Blyth Town Council had its full Council meeting. I expected, after the events of the Special meeting, to be electing a new mayor. But no nomination was made and the meeting was chaired by Councillor Margaret Parker as Deputy Mayor.

Whispers before, during and after the meeting were that the Labour group were unable to agree on a nomination, and that both "camps" were unwilling to risk a vote in case they lost. I stress that these were only the thoughts of some of the councillors involved, I have no evidence that this is the case.  

So we currently don't have a Mayor, either to chair meetings or to carry out the Civic functions of the mayorality.

There is irony in the fact that Councillor Margaret Parker, the Deputy Mayor, is the wife of Councillor Bob Parker, who can still attend civic functions as the escort of the Deputy Mayor .

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Alisdair Gibbs-Barton said...

This morning ( Saturday ) I met a chap I know in Blyth. He had heard ( so this becomes hearsay ) that it was all a Lib Dem plot to remove Councillor Parker.

I explained the facts in that two of the three Lib Dem councillors voted with the proposal, but the motion was moved and seconded by Labour councillors. I also explained that every councillor who voted ( there were no votes against the motion ) voted as Blyth Town Councillors, and party politics did NOT come into it.

He seemed persuaded , but it does make me ask who is deflecting the ongoing problem by blaming someone else, ie the Lib Dem councillors!