Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Family history, and those little surprises ....

I have known for quite a while that my great-great-grandmother, Elizabeth Dodd , nee Andrews, was born in Kent, but I hadn't done much research on her or her family.

So, wanting to look into this branch of the tee,  I set off to see what I could find electronically.

Using the subscription genealogy site, FindmyPast, and the LDS (Mormons) site, I have opened lots of doors.

I keep a record of my family tree on www.Genesreunited.co.uk  just in case of failure of my computers at home, and was contacted by a lady in the village of Elham, Kent, where Elizabeth's family are from. She is descended from my great-great-great grandfather, Elizabeth's father, and so we are (albeit distantly related)

All her tree, in a direct line from Stephen Andrews to the present day, have lived within 3 miles of Elham village centre!

We have now begun to fill gaps in our respective trees.

I have always been proud of the fact that I am a "Northerner", (North Yorks and Northumberland), but I'm beginning to feel a slight affinity with that corner of Kent.

Anyway, a few glimpses of Elham as it was :-

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