Friday, 6 September 2013

Sat Nav .... more like Pratt Nav

Yesterday I had a delivery from a model company that I deal with. The delivery was made by a national courier company, who have delivered to me before.

Now let me give you a bit of background. My house is on a road that has been here for 30 years at least. At the junction with South Newsham Road there are signs for Fulmar Drive , and the house number is prominently displayed. The back of the house faces on to Eider Close.

Yesterday, expecting the delivery I made sure that I was about, and able to hear the doorbell for the delivery.

About 15 minutes after the "delivery window" I heard a hammering on the back door, and when I went to look the was the delivery driver with my parcel. "I've been here ten minutes , and was just about to leave a card when I saw you haven't got a letter box" says the driver.

"That's because this is the back door " I responded.

"Well" , and I should have expected this ..."The Sat Nav sent me here"

I let it go, and accepted the parcel with good grace, but I did wonder about modern drivers, do they all rely so slavishly on Sat Navs? What happened to the classic mixture of maps and eyes?

Sat Navs have their uses I suppose, but as a tool, not as the master.

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