Monday, 23 September 2013

Consultation about potential development on South Newsham Road

I have received details of a public consultation about a proposed development at North Farm, South Newsham Road.

I must stress this is not "North Farm, Blyth" as stated in the letter or leaflet, that is a totally different area.

The proposal is for 40 houses on the farm site. The public consultation is at Blyth Town Football Club on 1st October from 3pm until 8pm

I was invited to a private consultation, but have declined as I do not wish to be lobbied into a position where I have expressed an opinion ... I sit on the BTC Planning and Development Committee and will be part of the council's consideration of the eventual application.

Although there is no actual application lodged, I would not want any applicant to say "Councillor Gibbs-Barton said ...."

If any resident wishes to comment on this, and cannot get to the consultation, please contact my fellow ward councillor, and the County Councillor, Lesley Rickerby.

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