Sunday, 18 August 2013

Allowances for Parish Councillors ?

Yesterday I was chatting to a former Blyth Valley Labour councillor.

Apparently a group of Labour councillors on Blyth Town Council are making plans to introduce councillors' allowances from the 2014 financial year.

One of the first policies we introduced as a Parish Council was one that included a clause that we would not pay ourselves for undertaking the role.

Rumour has it that this policy will be challenged later this year, ready for the budget setting exercise for next year.

A figure of £100 per councillor per month basic allowance has ( allegedly)  already been discussed

I must stress that this is purely rumour, but the source of the information is credible ( although not a current or even past, town councillor )

I hope that the rumour is wrong, or that sense will prevail among the Labour group, but if there are moves to introduce a basic allowance, can I publicly state here and now that I will not accept this money.

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