Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Family History and ghostly goings on ....

The other day I was exploring loose ends in my family history, in particular the Appleyard branch of the family in Bridlington and Scarborough.

I was actually trying to find a link to Bob Appleyard, the Yorkshire and England cricketer, who hailed from Bradford but may have been related. As yet, no connection that I can find

Anyway, I knew that several of my forebears had been Harbour Master at Scarborough, and had moved into the house attached to the lighthouse at various times. I therefore "Googled" George Appleyard who died in 1862 to see if there were any references to him.

He has only come back as a ghost! Well, that's what is thought ...I'm pretty cynical about these sorts of things, but I acknowledge that many people are firm believers in the supernatural.

The story is part of an article on the BBC ( no less ) and you can read it here :-

BBC article about Scarborough Lighthouse

I'm almost proud to have a ghost in the family .....

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