Friday, 3 May 2013

Elections 2013

The Liberal Democrats have take a bit of a hammering in elections to Northumberland County Council  I'm afraid.

Seats held by Lib Dems have been lost to Labour and the Conservatives all over the county.

Locally I'm pleased to see that Jeff Reid and Lesley Rickerby  have both been elected ( to Plessey and South Blyth divisions respectively) , but the days of the Council being led by Lib Dems have gone.

Perhaps we can hold the balance of power ....?

One thing, UKIP haven't won any of the four seats they were contesting in Blyth ( including the one I was standing for, at Cowpen )  I haven't seen the full results yet, but I'll be lucky to have come fourth out of four!)

Update :-

The final results are in and Northumberland remains "No overall control".

Labour  32 seats
Conservative 21
Lib Dem 11
Independent 3

I imagine, and it's only a guess of course, that the Labour Group will attempt to run the council with a minority administration.

All the ills of the council will of course be someone else's fault .... but that excuse will wear as thinly as they accused the minority Lib Dem Administration previously.

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