Friday, 8 March 2013

Taking Local History to a different level

I have always had an interest in local history, and in family history ( genealogy if you want the formal name)

Having traced one branch of my family to this area ( which was a surprise as I always thought that my son was the first person in my family tree to be born here ) I have followed a loose end to an even more surprising conclusion ( it needs to be confirmed, but I'm fairly confident )

Just to the south of South Newsham Road there used to be two rows of miners houses called Single Row and Double Row. They served the South Newsham mine, which was where the sports field is now.

Tracing the Bell family line, I think that I have found a relative in one of these streets in the 1901 census  ( Not a direct relative, but descended from a common ancestor)

I'm now compiling a list of ALL the people in those two rows over the life of the published censuses as a mini-project. The results will be published here and printed and lodged at Blyth Library for future generations of local historians..

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