Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Olympic Torch in Blyth, this Friday (15th June)

As I have blogged before, the Olympic Torch comes to Blyth on Friday.

The route is basically down Cowpen Road, along Renwick Road to the Sports Centre (where there is to be a lunch break) , and then back towards Broadway, along Broadway Circle and Rotary Way, from where the torch will go on to North Tyneside.

Many schools will be attending, and have been allocated places at the roadside, and various organisations are going to "bus" (literally and figuratively ) people into Blyth for the day.

Exact timings for the day can be found on the torch website.

There will unfortunately be some disruption while the rolling road block stops traffic, but everyone is keeping it to a minimum . If things go wrong, perhaps they might learn from their mistakes for next time !

I have been invited to go to the Sports Centre for a buffet lunch, but have declined the invitation.  I have arranged to watch the run with some friends (and constituents ) ... and no doubt drink will be taken !!


janice hall said...

Schools being allocated spaces? Organisations bussing people in? Presumably to more 'allocated viewing points'? Where exactly are residents of Blyth expected to be able to view the torch relay comfortably? Residents where I live at Bebside have virtually no chance of getting anywhere near the torch as we have been informed the space along our estate has been 'allocated' to 500 pupils from Blyth Community College who are going to be taking up their places from approx 10.30 am (torch not due till 11.45 am)no chance for residents there then. Why couldn't allocated viewing points be given where there's no residential estates i.e. between Horton Road & Front Street,Bebside? The Olympic torch relay was supposed to be a community celebration, yet the community is being denied access due to 'allocated viewing points' for school children who aren't interested except for the time out of lessons & people being bussed in by outside organisations!!!

Alisdair Gibbs-Barton said...

Janice, I a cannot answer your questions. It's not that I won't, I don't have answers. I agree with your points completely.

The "organisation" of the Torch relay ( elsewhere as well as here in Blyth) is being put forward as "well organised" by some. Perhaps they mean too organised? Or perhaps they mean orchestrated?

I'm told that allocating places means that the children will be safer if in one place, but I have no idea how those places were allocated. I can see the argument, but as you say, how do the "ordinary" people of Blyth get to see anything.

I live at the opposite end of Blyth, and cannot get to see the torch pass my end of Blyth, as it finishes mid-way along Rotary Way.

I am fortunate that a friend lives on the route and we'll be watching events unfold from his house. Other people cannot be so fortunate I'm afraid.

The idea of community celebration is further diluted in that a lot of the torch bearers are "celebrities" or nominated by the corporate sponsors. And many don't even live or work in the area of their part of the run.

I'm not sure if this whole thing is well organised, unorganised or just badly organised.

janice hall said...

I completely agree with your points on the torch bearers as far as I'm aware only one of the torch bearers running through Blyth is actually living in Blyth, Les Welsh, the others are from outside the area. Surely Blyth could have provided torch bearers worthy of bearing the torch within their own community, Stephen Miller for instance (although from Cramlington)a paralympian well worthy of the duty. Mia Rathband, carrying the torch on behalf of her father PC Rathband, they were living in Blyth at the time of his horrific shooting yet they've been allocated to run in Whitburn, Sunderland, miles from their home and a place where they have no connections to. Celebrities too, they should not be carrying the torch unless they have a connection to the place they are running through, I mean Will.I.Am carrying the torch through Taunton, what connection does he have with Taunton? He's not even British for Gods sake! No community spirit what so ever in the organisation of this event.