Friday, 10 February 2012

The Regent Street Erection

If you have been to Blyth in the last week or so, you will have seen the new mast placed outside Morrisons supermarket on Regent Street

It appeared overnight last week, much to the surprise of many Blyth people, including me!

I have been trying to find out the full story behind it, especially as it would need planning permission, and I don't remember it ever coming to Blyth Town Council Planning and Development Committee.

I have now found what I think to be the story behind it.

The mast is a temporary structure. It has been sited to take the place of the one at the "Big Club", which will be disconnected and brought down, in preparation for the demolition of the building.

The "Big Club" is to be demolished as part of the re-development of the Morrisons supermarket site, and surrounding area.

Once the club is demolished the temporary mast will be sited on a much less prominent site (in the area of Station Street, behind Regent Street.)

The Morrisons development will take a long time to finish; we had a presentation at Blyth Town Council last night about it, but things look as though they have actually started development rather than talking about it.

So the mast, or the "Erection" as it has been called, should only be there for a (relatively) short time.

But, in the words of the poet, "Oink Oink, Flap Flap"

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