Monday, 5 December 2011

Disability Living Allowance ... Christmas Bonus

Since my stroke and my forced early retirement, I have been receiving Disability Living Allowance.

It's very useful, and helps me get around (taxis etc,) and to purchase things I need for living and so on.

In fact it is a sign of my health improving a little that I had my claim for the mobility part of the allowance reduced from the higher rate.

However, I can see no reason why I , and presumably others, should receive a Christmas bonus. It's only £10, and I had forgotten it was even coming.

The Government is looking to save money, so why continue with this bonus? It's "only £10" I hear you say, but the cost of sending a letter to tell me of the bonus adds to that. And does anyone really need the extra £10?

So I will be donating my £10 to charity again this year, probably to the South East Northumberland Stroke Support Group , as it can then be used in a way to help more than just me.

The website is  and if you have any comments, let me know ... as I run the website!

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