Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A new venture ....

For some years now I have been interested in Family Tree Research, and I have traced parts of my ancestry back to the 15th Century.

I have recently thought about using my knowledge to help other people with their research.

There will be a small fee of course, but it shouldn't be as much as other genealogists ( no overheads such as rent and rates to worry about )

Please contact us to discuss your needs, and if you want a "brick wall" investigating, let me know.

I can visit anywhere in the north east, but you may prefer to keep everything by EMail or letter.

My family is spread out, various branches come from Scarborough, Cleveland, Northumberland and even Essex (bows head in shame) so I have records in those areas.

The contact address is

All work is confidential, and I can advise on how to start your own research.

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Alisdair Gibbs-Barton said...

I was contacted by a lady I know from Blyth. She wanted me to start her husband's family tree as a Christmas present, so I asked her for the basics , such as where and when he was born , any siblings and parents names.

In less than an hour I had traced his direct line to the early 19th Century and five generations, all in the South East Northumberland area.

It was useful practice for me, so I didn't charge her for the work, but she'll suggest that her husband commissions me to research her family.