Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Card Skimming Devices found in Northumberland

(With thanks to Northumbria Police for allowing me to "cut and paste" this

Dated: 15 Nov 2011

© Northumbria Police

Police in Northumberland are warning people to watch out for card skimming devices on cash points.
In the last week two such devices have been found on cash points in the Blyth and Alnwick areas of the county.
The first on a Lloyds TSB machine near to ASDA in Cowpen Road, Blyth, and the second on a HBOS machine in Bondgate Within, Alnwick.
The devices came in two parts; a card reader fitted around the card slot and a PIN reader in the form of a mobile phone camera fitted behind a plate with a pin hole above the screen.
Suspicion was raised after members of the public reported that the machines kept returning cards.
An investigation is underway to identify any victims and those responsible for fitting the skimming devices.
Northumberland Chief Inspector Peter Reeve said: "We want to alert people to be on their guard when using cash point machines.
"So far we have not had reports of anyone losing any cash as a result of this scam, but if members of the public do have any concerns that the machine they are about to use could have been tampered with they should report it to the bank or store straightaway.
"If anyone sees someone acting suspiciously around a cash point they should report it to police straightaway."
Anyone with any information into the incidents, or to report suspicious behaviour around cash points, is asked to contact Northumbria Police on 03456 043 043 ext 69191.

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