Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Boundary Commission Proposals , a Northumberland perspective

I haven't had a chance to read the full proposals yet, but today's Boundary Proposals seem to be a bit of a curate's egg.

It's amazing that the media are concentrating on the people who occupy the positions currently, rather than the actual new constituencies, but for Northumberland there are some pretty radical (although not politically radical) changes.

Locally, the Blyth Valley constituency will disappear. Blyth and Seaton Sluice will join with Ashington Bedlington and Newbiggin whereas Cramlington will join with parts of North Tyneside and Newcastle.

Personally I would have prefered to see the county boundaries retained for this, and as the proposals are subject to consultation , I may propose that the county boundaries be acknowledged.

As I said, I haven't had chance to read the detail of the proposals, but initially my view is "Err, don't know!"

I understand the need to redraw the boundaries, and to reduce the number of MPs but the devil is in the detail  [/cliche]

One thing, as a Lib Dem I have doubts, but going back to personalities, the local Labour Party must be having apoplexy!

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