Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Desert Island Disks

I’ve been thinking about the records I would choose if ever I was to be on “Desert Island Disks”

You know the format, 8 records a book and a luxury, (but not something that would help you to escape)

I restricted myself also to one record per artist.

My eight , in no particular order, are:-

Lindisfarne. Can’t do right for doing wrong. (One of my favourite ever songs from the North East’s  best ever bands)

The Callies. Rocking Chair. (Again an old favourite, Billy Mitchell went on to be in Jack the Lad, who re-recorded it.)

Horslips. Dearg Doom. (An Irish folk rock (actually they once described themselves as Rock-Folk)  band with a really rocky version.)

Rodrigo y Gabriella.   Diablo Rojo.  (Mexican couple who make 2 guitars sound like a full band)

Laurel Aitken and the Undertone.   Rudi got married. (A Ska favourite with some great lyrics)

Persiana Jones. No!. (Italy’s finest, an odd mixture of Ska and Punk, very fast and very lyrical, even in Italian )

Chris Rea. Stainsby Girls. ( I was at school with his cousin, and we both went out with girls from Stainsby School.)

Chris de Burgh. In a country churchyard. (From the days when he wrote and performed some good music. The modern stuff is pretty bad, but the early stuff is great)

The choice of music is personal, and no room for some of the greats like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, or personal favourites like Al Stewart, Tom Mitchell,  Runrig, The Pogues, Clann an Drumma etc.

My book would be something non-fiction, that I could pick up and browse without being too highbrow. Current favourite is the story of the Malta Railway, but I’d be tempted to take a Good Beer Guide if only to remind me of what I’m missing..

I’m not sure if they would allow things like a PC (no power or Internet!), so my luxury would be  Sun Tan Lotion. I’ve not got the skin for a desert island!!

So, rather than pull apart my choices , what would yours be???

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