Thursday, 26 May 2011

Recent Real Ale tastings

Over the last week or so I've had the chance for a couple of Real Ales

At the Royal Tavern in Blyth there were two on offer, Fullers London Pride and Deuchars IPA. I had a couple of pints (well, that's all I'll admit to, the wife may be watching!) of Fuller. And it was delicious, soft, fruity with an aftertaste that was almost like caramel or toffee. Not bad for a southern beer!

I was in Newcastle on Saturday (21st), meeting a friend from South Shields

We found ourselves in the Crown Posada, one of my favourite pubs (now there's an idea for a post..) and there were about half a dozen hand pumps on offer.

I tried two of the Jarrow Brewery's beers (well, despite their name they are now brewing in South Shields) , the standard Jarrow Bitter and Rivet Catcher.

The bitter was, to be honest, pleasant and nothing special, (too hoppy for my taste ) but the Rivet Catcher was rather nice, not very bitter and quite a smooth taste.

This weekend sees a beer festival at Blyth Rugby Club.... I may find my way there for a couple of gargles!

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