Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Collywell Bay Station

I used to be very interested in model railways. Now that I'm retired and with my term of office as Mayor coming to a close I'm going to start a model railway.

It will be based on a real place , but with a "what might have been" scenario. I plan to model Collywell Bay station at Seaton Sluice, which actually never opened as a station due to World War 1.

I'm hoping to set the model in 1957 (an interesting year for more than one reason ) , but I have very few photos of the area from the days before the hoiusing was built.

Please get in touch if you have any photos of the area from before WW2, and especially if you have any photos of the station area ! I will refund any expenses you incur.


Alisdair Gibbs-Barton said...

Many thanks to Brian who sent me photos of the area. Unfortunately they're modern photos of the housing, but at least they give a flavour.

For those who have asked, the station was between Clarence Sreet and the Seaton Burn which bounded the station are to the north and west.

The bridge parapet at the south of the station and the embankment approaching it arfe still visible.

I was down there a few days ago, and chatting to a lady (in her 80s ... as she told me ) who didn't know that there was ever a station there, and she's live there since before WW2 )

Paul said...

Have you looked at the Disused Stations web site? - an OS plan of the station as far as it was built, a couple of photos, and a drawing of the proposed station building for Brierdene, which might well be same/similar to one proposed for Seaton Sluice:

Alisdair Gibbs-Barton said...

Thanks Paul. Yes, I had seen the site ( and bought their book as well ) and found the information very useful. The mother of a friend was able to provide some great information on the Collywell Bay station area before the housing was built.

The model is still in the planning stages, but more detail is being gathered ... probably too much, there's less room for modeller's licence!