Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Follow up stroke care lacking

One of today's news stories is that "follow up stroke care" has been found "lacking" all over the country

I was part of the survey, having had a stroke about 3 years ago, whch has left me disabled with weakness on my right side.

Let me firstly say that this report does not reflect on the hospital care, which I found excellent. Also, I was greatly impressed with my Occupation Health specialist who was able to arrange for adaptions to the house and equipment before I left hospital.

But it was the attitude of both health carers and others to the after care.

Personally I loathe the phrase "stroke survivor", but I cannot think of an alternative. Perhaps it is time to go back to the phrase "stroke patient" because we need care after we have been released ... sorry, discharged .... from hospital.

In my case I was subject to about three months of twice per week physiotherapy, and one visit from my GP (and a locum at that!) . I did get called for stroke reviews every 6 months, but I have always thought that they were a bit of a "box-ticking exercise"

Life is itself the best physiotherapy we "stroke survivors" can have, but we need support. It's not just having to find out ourselves what is available , we should be advised by health carers what is advisable.

The majority of my after stroke care has been found by me checking what can be given, and here I must commend the Stroke Association. Through them I have found stroke clubs , and although two of them have not provided what I wanted , they provide a wide range of activities for a range of stroke survivors.

It's good that this story has come out, and especially that Northumberland seems to have come out reasonably well, but peoples attitudes to stroke victims, survivors, patients (whatever) must change.

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Alisdair Gibbs-Barton said...

After posting this, and sending a comment to the BBC website, I have been 'phoned by a BBC researcher.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to talk to BBC Radio Newcastle, but my comments have been put on the BBC website at:-

Although condensed, they seem accuate enough.

And it looks as though my experience wasn't the only one.