Monday, 20 January 2020

South Newsham Road roadworks in February

Northumberland County Council have publicised the following road closure:

A1061, B1523 South Newsham Road Blyth

The road closure has been requested by TMS Ltd on behalf of Network Rail for level crossing works. The closure is from 22/02/2020 to 23/02/2020. 

It is expected that the road will be closed from 22:00 on 22/02/2020 to 08:00 on 23/02/2020. No access will be available. There are several alternative routes depending on your destination. 

Details of the disruption can be viewed here   

Saturday, 4 January 2020

Meetings of Blyth Town Council, January 2020

I think that here are only three meetings scheduled for January. They are:-

Tuesday 7th January   Governance Committee 

Thursday 16th January,  Full Council (* ) 

Thursday 30th January,  Environment Committee 

All meetings are at Arms Evertyne Huse, and start at 6:30 pm 

(*) Preceded by Question Time 

Monday, 9 December 2019

The allegorical golf club

Once upon a time Fred was a member of a golf club. He got all the benefits of membership, subsidised meals, cheap golf, discounts in the club shop, parking closer to the clubhouse and access to changing rooms etc. One year he thought, it’s costing me money every year to be a member, I think I’ll leave and save the membership money.
After he left he went to his old club for a game of golf. He had to park further away from the clubhouse, but that was no problem. He had to pay full non members rate for a round, and then only on days when he could get a day rate. He had to change in his car, but that wasn’t a great problem.
He wondered why members of the club were a bit sniffy to him, and why he had to drink alone in the guests lounge. They reminded him that he could only play at the club, as a non member a limited number of times a year. His former friends and fellow members talked about the things that we going ahead at the club - but reminded him that he couldn’t have a say at the AGM or benefit from them.
He had to pay full price in the golf pro’s shop, and if he could get access to the dining room he had to pay full price.
He tried another golf club, but they wouldn’t let him have a round as they only let members of the club, and other clubs in most days, but he could come back next Tuesday before 9 and have to be off the course before 12. And pay full rate for his golf.
So remember, being a member of something might cost money, but the benefits often outweigh the negatives.

Christmas Bin Collection Dates

The bin collection dates over the Christmas and New Year period will be altered for some people

If your usual collection day is Monday or Tuesday then there is no change

For other days the collection day is put back.

Put your postcode into the following grid to find out when your collection will be

Northumberland Bin Collections

Monday, 23 September 2019

Blyth Town Council October Meetings

There are three meetings scheduled at Blyth Town Council in October :-

Tuesday 1st October - Governance Committee

Thursday 10th October - Full Council (*) 

Tuesday 29th October - Environment Committee 

All meetings are scheduled to start at 6:30 at Arms Evertyne House

(*) This may be preceded by a Public Question Time