Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Blyth Town Council, August 2016

As far as I am aware, there is only one meeting planned for August.

This is :-

Thursday 11th August, 6:30 pm    Planning and Development Committee

With the Tall Ships Regatta coming at the end of August, and with the need to appoint a Town Clerk I wouldn't be surprised if meetings are arranged outside the agreed schedule.

In fact, I would expect it.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Genealogy and Brexit !

It isn't very often that two such widely different topics as family history and Brexit can be connected in one of my posts.

I knew that one of my ancestors ( on my maternal grandfather's side) had married someone of Italian extraction in the early part of the 19th century. I was researching the  Brazzoni family and discovered ( well, found out ) that a Brazzoni invented the speaking doll, about 30 years before Thomas Edison took credit for it. ( Please Google "Brazzoni speaking doll" for more information)

Anyway, I emailed someone listed on a site dedicated to the Brazzoni doll, who gad the surname Brazzoni. It came about that she and I are related through that member of my family, and she is a direct descendant of Anthony ( Antonio ) Brazzoni the inventor.

We EMailed back and forth about family ( families?) and she got around to talking about her life.

She uses her maiden name ( went back to it after a divorce) but after the referendum she was told to "f**k off where she came from".

It's shocking when said to a recent immigrant, but she is 7th generation in the UK, her family fought for Britain in two world wars and she has ONE non-UK ancestor. It brought to mind 1930's Germany when people had to prove their ancestry!

Appalling attitude from someone who knows nothing of her and her family, but saw the name and the racist views came to the fore.

And to think that this person gets a vote. Freedom of speech is a limited right, but for goodness sake use it responsibly !!

18% of the annual budget spent in half an hour.

It was Blyth Town Council's Community Grants Committee meeting on Tuesday evening, and the whole of the Community Grants budget was allocated!

There were grants of £25,000 each to three Community Centres ( Briardale, Isabella and the Buffalo) . The way that the council defines "Community Centre" means that the South Beach Community Centre is excluded from this grant allocation.

Then the £109,000 budget for Community Support was allocated to various applicants. I cannot deny that money is scarce these days, but the grants were mainly to the usual suspects, organisations that get grants every years to support their aims.

There were some small grants to small local organisations, most of whom got most of what they asked for, but there is nothing in the "pot" for any other projects that may request funding later in the year.

Luckily the Councillors' Small Schemes money remains, and I have been in talks with one organisation, whose aims I fully support about allocating some of my scheme money, but if there are any group in the South Beach / South Blyth area who need a small amount of funding I'd be happy to listen.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Blyth Town Council - Meetings July 2016

The following are the scheduled meetings of Blyth Town Council for July

Tuesday 5th July ( 5:30 pm )     Special Events Committee

Tuesday 5th July ( 6:30 pm )     Community Grants Committee

Thursday 7th July ( 6:30 pm )    Planning and Development Committee

Thursday 14th July ( 6:30 pm )  Full Council ( preceded by Public Question Time at 6:00 pm )

Thursday 21st July ( 6:30 pm )   Planning and Development Committee  -  CANCELLED

Tuesday 26th July ( 6:30 pm )    Events Committee

Thursday 28th July ( 6:30 pm )   Environmental Services Committee

All meetings are scheduled to be at Arms Evertyne House

If you intend going to any of the meetings, ( to observe, except for public question time when participation is allowed / encouraged ) then please contact the council in advance to check that the meeting will be going ahead.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Councillors' Ward Grants - Blyth Town Council

Blyth Town Council Community Grants Committee meets next week to decide on the allocations of grants to Community Organisations.

It is most likely that most, if not all, of the money set aside for Community Grants will be allocated.

However, each ward councillor has a total of £1000 to allocate to small schemes in their ward.

My fellow ward councillor , Cllr Lesley Rickerby has allocated her allowance to the Blyth Battery Volunteers, but as yet I haven't been approached by any organisation.

It is too late to put requests in ready for next week, but if any South Blyth organisation would like to be considered at the next meeting, later in the year, please contact me for a form.

To be honest I would prefer to spread the benefit over a few organisations, but I realise that £1000 doesn't go far.

Monday, 20 June 2016

A clear out of old blog posts

If I get a spare half hour over the next day or two I'll be clearing out older blog posts

These will mainly be Blyth Town Council diary posts and posts that are no longer relevant.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Still undecided ?

I found this on Facebook. I make no claims about it, but as a "Remainer" I found it amusing ....

Here are a few that strongly believe the UK should remain a member of the EU:

• Governor of the Bank of England
• International Monetary Fund
• Institute for Fiscal Studies
• Confederation of British Industry
• Leaders/heads of state of every single other member of the EU
• President of the United States of America
• Eight former US Treasury Secretaries
• President of China
• Prime Minister of India
• Prime Minister of Canada
• Prime Minister of Australia
• Prime Minister of Japan
• Prime Minister of New Zealand
• The chief executives of most of the top 100 companies in the UK including Marks and Spencer, BT, Asda, Vodafone, Virgin, IBM, BMW etc.
• Kofi Annan, the former Secretary General of the United Nations
• All living former Prime Ministers of the UK (from both parties)
• Virtually all reputable and recognised economists
• The Prime Minister of the UK
• The leader of the Labour Party
• The Leader of the Liberal Democrats
• The Leader of the Green Party
• The Leader of the Scottish National Party
• The leader of Plaid Cymru
• Leader of Sinn Fein
• Martin Lewis, that money saving dude off the telly
• The Secretary General of the TUC
• Unison
• National Union of Students
• National Union of Farmers
• Stephen Hawking
• Chief Executive of the NHS
• 300 of the most prominent international historians
• Director of Europol
• David Anderson QC, Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation
• Former Directors of GCHQ
• Secretary General of Nato
• Church of England
• Church in Scotland
• Church in Wales
• Friends of the Earth
• Greenpeace
• Director General of the World Trade Organisation
• World Bank

Here are pretty much the only notable people who think we should leave the EU:

• Boris Johnson, who probably doesn’t really care either way, but knows he’ll become Prime Minister if the country votes to leave
• A former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions who carried out a brutal regime of cuts to benefits and essential support for the poorest in society as well as the disabled and sick
• That idiot that was Education Secretary and every single teacher in the country hated with a furious passion for the damage he was doing to the education system
• Leader of UKIP
• Britain First
• Donald Trump
• Keith Chegwin
• David Icke

So, as I said, if you can’t be bothered to look into the real facts and implications of all this in/out stuff, just pick the list that you most trust and vote that way. It really couldn’t be more simple.