Monday, 23 September 2019

Blyth Town Council October Meetings

There are three meetings scheduled at Blyth Town Council in October :-

Tuesday 1st October - Governance Committee

Thursday 10th October - Full Council (*) 

Tuesday 29th October - Environment Committee 

All meetings are scheduled to start at 6:30 at Arms Evertyne House

(*) This may be preceded by a Public Question Time

Sunday, 25 August 2019

Blyth Town Council September meetings

The following are the scheduled meetings of Blyth Town Council for September 2019

Tuesday 3rd September   - Community Funding Sub-Committee

Tuesday 10th September - Special Environment Committee

Thursday 12th September - Planning and Development Sub Committee ( 6:00 pm ) 

Thursday 12th September - Community Development Committee

Except as noted meetings are held at Arms Evertyne House and start at 6:30 pm

If you intend attending any of these meetings please confirm with BTC that the dates and times are still correct

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Bank Holiday bin collections

With Monday ( 26th August ) being a Bank Holiday, bin collections in this area are put back a day. 

For example if your bin collection day is usually Tuesday, next week it will be Wednesday.

Please ensure that you get your bin ready for collection in good time, I have heard of complaints that the bin men came "too early" recently.

Next week is a "green bin week" ( ie non-recyclable waste ) 

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Congratulations Jo and Thank You Vince

Hearty Congratulations to Jo Swinson on her election as Leader of the Liberal Democrats !!

She will bring a breath of fresh air to the party, while still retaining many ( all?) of the party's principles.

It was a clean fight, no back-biting and name calling. I hope Ed Davey will be found a job within the leadership team... he has a lot of great ideas to bring.

Finally the party owes a huge vote of thanks to Vince Cable. From a difficult position he has led the party to a position where the Liberal Democrats are in a position of strength, nationally and leading the pro-EU and anti-Brexit believers.

Monday, 1 July 2019

Litter picking

Recently Blyth Town Council have arranged a series of litter picks, mainly around the town centre of Blyth.

All very laudable you might say, helping to keep the town centre tidy.


Are they intimating that the good folks, and businesses of Blyth, are litter louts?

Are they saying that our partners, Northumberland County Council , are not doing their job properly?

Are they saying that the NCC staff are not doing their job?

Are they putting NCC jobs at risk?

As I said, a laudable intent, but with much wider implications.  Just saying

Sunday, 30 June 2019

Liberal Democrat leadership election

Unlike another party ( who shall remain nameless!) the Lib Dem leadership election campaign has been really quite civilised.

Both candidates are very good, will serve the party and the country well, and in terms of policy differences there is little to decide between the two.

Yes, there are differences in emphasis and interpretation, but I would be happy with either as party leader

When Vince took on the leadership I placed a bet at a local bookmakers as to who his successor would be - but as a £5 bet I'm not going to make my fortune if it wins. I won with bets on Tim Farron, and Vince Cable, so I'm looking for the hat trick ( in betting terms that is )

I haven't decided who to vote for, but currently I'm favouring one of the candidates over the other. But anything could happen in the time until my ballot paper arrives.

Good luck to both candidates, here's to a good few years of positive leadership.

Blyth Town Council - Meetings for July 2019

There are four meetings scheduled at Blyth Town Council for July

Tuesday 2nd July, 6 pm - Planning and Development sub committee

July 2nd July , 6:30 pm - Governance Committee

Thursday 25th July , 6:30 pm - Full Council ( I assume that this will be preceded by Public Question Time ) 

Tuesday 30th July , 6:30 pm    Environment Committee 

I am not aware of any meetings scheduled for August 2019

Please contact BTC to confirm and meeting dates and times if you intend to go to them.