Saturday, 28 February 2015

Blyth Town Council, March meetings

The following are the scheduled meetings for March 2015.

Unless otherwise stated meetings start at 6:30 pm at Arms EverTyne House

Thursday 5th  March  , Finance Committee

Tuesday  10th March, Planning & Development Committee

Thursday 19th March , Town Council Meeting

Tuesday 31st March,  Events Committee

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Blyth Town Council , February Meetings

There's a bit of confusion about which meetings remain on the council calendar for February.

As ever, you should contact the council to confirm these meetings if you are interested in attending any.

But, as it stands the meetings are scheduled for:-

3rd February, Allotments Committee

This doesn't appear on the council's website, it has possibly been cancelled

5th February , Assets Committee

12th February, Community Grants Committee

19th February, Planning and Development Committee

This is likely to be cancelled due to probable lack of business

24th February, Events Committee

26th February, Staff Committee

This will probably be held under "Part 2 " given the nature of the Agenda

All meetings are to begin at 6:30, and are at Arms Evertyne House

Friday, 30 January 2015

Buildings of Historic interest

Blyth Town Council is examining the list of buildings of historic or architectural interest in Blyth.

These are not the listed buildings in Blyth, but those buildings that have features, or a history ,  that need to be retained and protected if ever there is a need.

I will be suggesting a couple of additions, and the council will be consulting on the results in due course, but if there are any buildings that you think should be included in the list please let me know, either by email or by comment against this post..( before 15th February please )

It was pointed out that the criteria include "designed by an architect of national imprtance". I was reminded that Blyth Swimming Baths ( now part of the Sports Centre ) were designed by John Poulson.

The committee declined to agree to my ( very tongue in cheek ) suggestion that the building should be included as it meets that criterion. I wonder why...

Friday, 2 January 2015

Blyth Town Council , Meetings for January 2015

Blyth Town Council meetings for January are:-

Tuesday 6th January , Planning & Development Committee (*)

Thursday 8th January , Finance Committee

Monday 12th January , Planning & Development Committee

Tuesday 13th January , Allotments Committee

Thursday 22nd January, Full Council (**)

Tuesday 27th January, Events Committee

Thursday 29th January , Planning & Development Committee

All meetings are at Arms Evertyne House, and start at 6:30 pm

(*) I think that this meeting is cancelled, but it still appears on the council's website. Please contact the council to confirm

(**) This will be preceded by Public Question time , outside the council meeting, at 6pm

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Blyth Town Council - Christmas Closure

Blyth Town Council is closed for the Christmas and New Year Holidays

The office will reopen on 5th January

If , during the period of closure , and in an emergency, you need to contact the council try contacting Northumberland County Council.

As a fall-back you could try contacting your ward councillor for advice and assistance.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Haway Blyth !!!

Blyth Spartans continued their FA Cup run on Friday, and earned their place in the 3rd round thanks to the 2-1 win at Hartlepool United

I'll not go over the match ( you can read it elsewhere on the web ) and we had a bit of luck, and our keeper pulled off a couple of great saves , but suffice it to say we did Blyth and non-league football proud !!

Haway Blyth !! 

Friday, 28 November 2014

Blyth Spartans match to be live on BBC !!

The FA Cup 2nd round match between the minnows of Hartlepool United and the mighty Blyth Spartans [/irony] will be shown live on BBC2 next Friday (5th December) 

A possible tie with a Premiership giant ( snigger ) awaits the winners

The programme starts at 7:30 with kick off being 7:55