Saturday, 29 August 2020

Councillor Olga Potts

Olga Potts, former Mayor of Blyth and councillor since Blyth Town Council since it began, passed away on 16th August. She had had a short battle with cancer.

Olga was one of "the good guys", loyally Labour during elections, but just a councillor outside election time. If she agreed with a point, or disagreed, she's say so - no matter who said it. I remember some fiery battles in council with councillors of all parties, not because they were Lib Dem or Independent councillors, but because she disagreed with their view. But the best were when she disagreed with her Labour colleagues and agreed with the Opposition.  There was no party line in Olga's book. 

My condolences to her husband John, and her family. 

Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Liberal Democrats Leadership Election

 I write this after I have voted, but before the result is known.

Whoever becomes our next leader, and we have two excellent candidates, I hope that they can work with all of the party to drive the Lib Dems forward. 

A lot of effort, and money, has gone into both campaigns, and the language used by both candidates has been approaching divisive. It fell short of all out war, as has been seen in other parties' leadership elections, but let's hope that they can both work together and use some of the other candidate's ideas to drive future policy and election success 

Blyth Town Council - September 2020 Meetings

Blyth Town Council continues to meet over Zoom. The public are allowed to observe, and the council provides a Zoom connection before each meeting.  All times are subject to change, so please check with the council 

The scheduled meetings are: - 

Tuesday 1st September, 4:30 pm, Environment Committee

Thursday 10th September  2:00 pm  Community Funding Sub Committee 

Tuesday 22nd September 4:30 pm  Community Development Committee 

Tuesday 29th September  2:00 pm   Governance Committee 

Bin Collections - Week starting 31st August

As Monday 31st August is a Bank Holiday, Northumberland's bin collections for the week are put back a day. So if your usual collection day is a Tuesday, it'll be a Wednesday etc. 

Next week is a dry recycling ( ie blue bin ) and garden ( ie brown ) bin week

If you have problems please contact Northumberland County Council, not Blyth Town Council  

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Blyth Town Council - July 2020 meetings

There are two meetings at BTC scheduled for July.

Both will be held over Zoom,  and will be afternoon meetings.

I have twice tried to join Zoom meetings but have been unable to do so - probably my error somewhere but if you want to watch the meeting you'll need to make sure your Zoom program is installed correctly.

Governance Committee   Tuesday 7th July 2 pm 

Full Council    Thursday 23rd July 4pm 

There are no meetings scheduled for August

Sunday, 24 May 2020

Friday, 22 May 2020

Bin Collections

Don't forget that Monday, 25th May is a Bank Holiday.

Bin collections for the week are all put back a day, so if your normal collection is a Tuesday, it will be on Wednesday next week, etc

Our council bin men ( or waste operatives if you prefer ) are among the hidden heroes, continuing to work even in these difficult times.  To maintain appropriate distancing one of the crew has been following in a van but continues to work as a part of the team.

In contradiction to rumours being put about, this is NOT a council officer doing random pick ups for selected residents, just the council adapting working practices during the pandemic.

Well done to the crews for the work they do, can you imagine the state we'd be in without them.